13 December 2009

The Best Night Evar

I should probably preface this by saying...I did not get laid, and the company I traveled with was not a female.

It all started with picking up my buddy, Rick (not his real name). He's been having a rough time with life lately, so I figured I'd take him out on the town. We started the evening by heading to downtown Annapolis, and grabbing some sushi. I tried Kobe beef for the first time, which is awesome btw, if you ever get the chance, do not skip the Kobe! The service was prompt, the atmosphere was excellent, and the food was delicious.

After filling out bellies with raw/semi-raw meat and rice. We headed to the theater to see Ninja Assassin, great movie, loads of action, great slow motion sequences. We thought about what to do next. Two words popped immediately into my head, strip club.

So after switching cars, so I could drive, we head to a local strip club (which I'm not going to name here), here's where the night gets really interesting.

After being introduced to many of the dancers, one catches my eye...only because she looks like this (but with black hair):

And that's when things went from Awesome to EPIC.  Why you might ask, because upon seeing me and Rick, she comes over to us and asks us but one question.  "Are you guys Star Wars Fans?"  Seriously I about died after I heard this, because here is this gorgeous lady, asking me if I like Star Wars..."OF COURSE", so she goes on to tell us, that if we agree to get a few lap dances, she'll wear one of her favorite shirts.  We agree, because Rick needs to have a good night, and I'm not broke.

Her shirt had the above graphic on it.  I really was going out of my mind by now, so we head back to the back for the dances.  Next thing I know, we're talking about her next comp (totally went white and nerdy with this one) and also about Sci Fi books (Ender's Game was a hot topic), as well as Star Wars, Gizmodo, and Mashable.  I was to say the least, in heaven.  I'll spare the details of the rest (since this isn't TMI Thursday).  The evening was remarkable, no numbers exchanged, no delusions of her calling, no expectations, just great conversation with a really really really hot woman, who is actually Nerd.

Thanks Rick it was a great night,



  1. LoL this post had me grinning from ear to ear! I glad y'all had a great night. Who said nerds can't be hot, anyway?

  2. hahaha as soon as i saw this title on facebook i was like "he totally got laid." then i read the first sentence.

    so new at this, yet you can already read our minds so well...

  3. Dude, Ender's Game was one of the best books I've ever read. Loved it.

    Also, that chick is the hottest chick ever. I want to go to this strip club.

  4. Kaydee - Nerds are always hot

    Ginger - I guess I'm just that good

    Travis - If you come to MD, I'll totally take you to that club...Seriously.