09 December 2009

Burning Bridges

(I've posted this previously on another blog of mine, but think it was appropriate enough for my blog here)

So, lately I've been thinking about the past year and all that has happened personally.  Mostly, I've been thinking of the relationships that have gone the way of the Do-do (I have no idea how the hell to spell that).  What got me on this train into the abyss?  Well, a few weeks ago I went to see an old friend in VA, and I realized why I don't talk to these people anymore, we don't travel in the same social circles, and I think it's about time to let this one go, but before I go on a tangent about tonight, I'll go ahead and fill-in the back story about the other bridges that have been burned.
   I have kept in touch with most none of my ex's, for sanity's sake.  One of whom I communicated with on a regular basis.  So when she tells me she'll be in town, I offer to help her out with finding a few things, and everything goes great.  But what she didn't tell me was she was bringing a friend (not a dude, but another girl)  This "other" girl is really attractive, so I'm somewhat flirty, but not overly so.  Well, they leave and head back down to GA, and we keep in touch.  And then I start spamming (not really) her "friend's" fb page, while her friend is spamming mine.  This all comes to a head when she asks me point-blank if I'm interested in her friend, to which I reply honestly, yes.  So there's a huge argument, and I'm sure I'm being onesided, but hey this is my fuckin' blog.  Anyway, it ends with words to the effect of "I don't ever want to speak to you again" to which I reply "ok", that's one bridge burned...now for number two.
An old friend from back in middle-school, who I had a crush on in High school, invites me to several gatherings, none of which I could attend, but in response I invite her AND HER HUSBAND out to several of my gigs.  She invites me to her husbands birthday party, to which I say I'll go, but the day of decide not to, feigning illness (at least saying I'm not feeling well)  So I get a text later that evening from her saying "I don't want to be your friend anymore" and this leads to several angry texts sent back and forth finally culminating in a "I'm done..." text from me to her.  So I've thrown away over 10 years of friendship, without batting an eyelash.
Now, I've recently (as of last week) had to set a fire to yet another bridge, because well, honestly people are stupid and take my stories out of context. I'm not exactly sad to see that relationship go.  If next year is this awesome shitty, I might just an-hero on NYE.

Gawd, I hate people...
not you my beloved stalkers (err...I mean readers)


PS I'll be bringing the funny back tomorrow I promise, things have been...well...complicated lately.


  1. Dude.

    Tell me you're talkin about that one chick that left you the comment on your TMIT post.

    Also tell me you knew her, and you told her to go kick rocks.

    Wait. Don't tell me. I'll fall over with laughter.

    No, no. Tell me.

  2. Travis, yeah it was the chick who left the comment on the TMIT post. She was posting for an ex.