15 December 2009

Confessional (not for the faint of heart)

I wasn't sure what to write about today, since I wrote two blogs yesterday.  I figured I'd take today to elaborate about the man who is me, and why I am not normal...

I'm not holding back here, this really isn't for those who are easily offended:

The grossness:
I've watched 2 Girls 1 Cup, without throwing up (just kind of got a quizzical look on my face while watching it)
I've seen Goatse. (that's pretty much everywhere now)
I used to check out Rotten.com on a regular basis when I was in college.
I have seen a snuff film.
I've watched a stoning.
I've seen a German Schiezer film.
I used to troll /b/ and still have friends who do.
The sight of blood does not make me queasy.
I have tasted my own blood several times
I've watched gay porn (just to be sure I wasn't gay...nope it didn't turn me on, because I'm thorough and shit)
I had sex before I ever got my first bj
I lost my V-card at 18
I have been in more vehicle accidents than anyone I know. (last count was 7)
I've slept around...a lot...yeah...it's a number I'm not proud of, but last time I thought about it the count was pretty high.
I've been in a Devil's Three-way (two dudes)...Twice.
I've seen several dead bodies.
I used to have a death-wish..
I have dated a stripper (or two)
I have been engaged...Twice.
My longest relationship ever was 13 months.
I may or may not have PTSD.

The awesome:
I've been able to ride a motorcycle since I was 15
I speak a language that most people wouldn't dream of learning
I have been to the cradle of civilization (that place was awesome)
I lived in Europe while I was a kid.
I saw more of the world by the time I was 5 than the average American sees in their lifetime.
Last Saturday...nuff said right there

I guess I'll stop there, sorry for the random post folks, I totally understand if I've alienated most of you.



  1. this just makes you all the more normal in our eyes.

    frickineh and i will tell you our story about watching 2 girls 1 cup. basically it ended with her in the toilet and me in the sink... and lots of regurgitated nacho cheese.

  2. I have never, and I will never watch Two Girls One Cup. Ever. EVER. I almost did, and then a buddy of mine said, "Hey man. Hey. Not at work. It's not what you think it is."

    I love him.

  3. if anyone shies away after learning these things that make you the fantastic individual you are... fuck 'em.

    I still less than 3 ya