16 December 2009

Dating Web Sites...at least the ones I've tried and who I've met

Being that I am very much the recluse (ok...seriously, stop fuckin' laughing).  Dating is somewhat difficult for me, so I use the powers of the interwebs to help me find dates.  Here's a list of the sites I've previously used and what I liked/disliked about them.

Hot or Not (www.hotornot.com)
First, this initially wasn't a dating site, just a place where you could go and rate people's pictures, but then the developers started adding messaging, and things just went downhill from there. 

When did you use this site? 2002

Did I meet anyone from this site? Yes

Who was she? Karen

So, was she...you know...hot? meh...not my usual type.

Do you still talk to her? No (burned that bridge earlier this year)

What didn't you like about this site?  The lack of a good user interface, poor load times, html errors, scripting errors, I could go on for days.  You never got a good idea of who the person was, since there was a limit on how much you could write.  Not exactly nerd friendly.

When did you use this site? 2004

Did you meet anyone from this site? Yes

Who was she?  Jacie (aka the first Fiancee)

So was she... you know...hot?  Hells to the mutha fuckin' yeah!

What happend?  We were engaged for a year, then she broke off the engagement and all forms of communication a week before I came home from deployment.

What didn't you like about this site?  The layout was generic, the profiles couldn't be customized to fit your personality, and it was Yahoo! need I say more?

When did you use this site? 2006

Did you meet anyone from this site? Yes

Who was she?  Liz (totally not her real name)

Was she...you know...hot?  Definitely

What happend?  We dated for a year, went on two trips to Oklahoma, traveled to a B&B for our 1 year anniversary, then after the New Year, things just came to a halt...

Who dumped whom?  She dumped me...

What didn't you like about this site?  There aren't many things that I can say I didn't like about Match, honestly the ability to respond to an e-mail sent by another user without having to log into Match directly was great.  Although the site wouldn't tell you the last time a user utilized the system, which to me is a detriment.  Who wants to try and meet/introduce themselves to someone who hasn't used the service in 4 months.  I think, if a user has not logged-in in over a month, the account should get a tag saying "Hey, they've not logged in, they may have found someone."  That would be nice.
PlentyofFish (www.plentyoffish.com)

When did you use this site? 2008-present

Did you meet anyone from this site?  Yes

Who was she?  Emily

Was she...you know...hot? Oh Mai Gawd Yes!

What happend?  She and I dated for 6 months, at the time we first met, she had just gotten out of the mental institution (I'm not making this shit up...Seriously!) a month prior.  She had some issues with being alone, which I would like to think I helped with.  There were several times where she talked of suicide, and honestly, if I hadn't stayed to talk her out of it, she might have gone through with it.  In the end, she became comfortable with herself alone, and no longer needed someone to be with her.

Who dumped whom?  I think she did the dumping, but I don't really remember.
What don't you like about this site?  I hate having to log into POF to check my messages, plus the inability to show interest in someone without having to send them a message first.  Their "matching" algorithm sucks.  I mean, other than using the Advanced Search, you're really not likely to find someone with similar interests unless you're really really lucky, or unless she finds you. Oh, and the service is free which means that there are a ton of ads.

eHarmony (www.eharmony.com)

When did you use this site? 2009-present

Did you meet any one from this site? Not yet (this may change this weekend)

What don't you like about this site?  I don't like the interface (tabs can go to hell and die for all I care).  Plus they are constantly asking you to extend your membership.  Why the hell would I do that when I just signed up for a year to start with.  They do offer phone support as well as developing your profile to get better hits, but this is just shenanigans.  I don't like having to log into the website to read my messages, it's really crap.  I do like that I have to respond to questions posed by the other party, great way to start a conversation.

And finally...

OkCupid (www.okcupid.com)

When did you use this site? 2009-present

Did you meet anyone on this site? Not yet

What don't you like about this site?  While the quizzes are great and in the interface looks good, the amount of users you can be matched with is small.  It is a free site, so there are numerous ads, which you can get rid of for a small fee.  Honestly though I haven't used this site long enough to make a complete opinion.

Question for my readers:
Have you ever used a dating site?
Which one was it?
Would you recommend it to a friend?


  1. After reading this, I seriously thanked God above for sending me my wife. Geez. I don't think I could have handled internet dating.

    I feel for ya, bro.

  2. I haven't, but I totally would if I was on the market. Why not, yanno?

  3. not to be judgmental... but just got out of a mental institution? REALLY? my sister has been in 2, and i don't know why the fuck anyone would date her.

    i've used POF and okcupid, i'm still on okc and my favorite part is filling out the profile. their questions are fun and allow for some ridiculously awesome answers. filling it out this way helps eliminate the boring squares that i would not get along with, and practically forces people to write me a creative message if they talk to me.

    i also realized i'm really just on it because it's fun, and more to network than actually date. because the full fledged dates i've gone on have totally sucked ass and been way boring, but i've made some really good friends through it that i wouldn't date, i just have fun and hang with.

  4. You know what I think of all these girls that don't immediately snatch you up... dumb girls...