14 December 2009

Facebook Friends vs. Friends on Facebook

Confused?  You should be :)  This post stemmed from a conversation I had with M (see Dating is Just like a Netflix subscription) a few weeks ago.  We were discussing her former beaux's interest when he returns to the states from Afghanistan.  Since she and I were in mixed company (read: around people we didn't know) we decided to use the term "Facebook Friend" instead of using the term "F*ck Buddy" (see what I did there?)  And this has caught on like wild fire...well not really, but it's all we use now, instead of the actual term.

Recently, M and I confirmed our friendship on Facebook.  We're "Friends on Facebook", NOT "facebook friends".  Yes, I know it's a simantic argument; however, it's extremely important to say it properly around me, since now I think whenever someone says "Oh that's one of my Facebook Friends" I immediately think "That's a chick I'm totally nailing without consiquence".

Do you guys have any "secret" terms you like to use?


P.S. anyone want to be my Facebook Friend?


  1. is there an application process?

  2. Yes there is a lengthy application. Followed by peer review. Please include a head shot along with your CV. Applications are now being accepted.