05 December 2009

How Dating is like a Netflix Subscription

This happend on Thursday, after a discussion with a coworker about her dating life (I'll refer to her as M).
Here is what I remember of the conversation:
M-So, I'm torn between two guys, and it's really complicated
me-What's so complicated?
M-Well, I've been talking so much with Guy A lately, and he's coming back soon..
me- What about Guy B
M- He's not Guy A, and when Guy A left we kind of put the relationship on pause while he was gone
me- You mean like a DVD and shit?
M- Yeah sort of...
me- Wait...didn't you date Guy C for a few months while Guy A was gone?  That's like taking the DVD out of the player, inserting a new one watching it for fifteen minutes, only to realize instead of an awesome action packed thriller, you've got Veggie Tales (I've got nothing against Veggie Tales).  So now, you've got your Queue backed up, and your still holding on to that one DVD (Guy A) waiting to watch the rest of the movie to see if you want to buy it (Read: Marriage) but the whole time you're holding on to that DVD you continue to get other's coming in the mail.  So as you're browsing your selections you're not sure if you really want to hold on and watch the rest of the DVD, or if you want to send it back and get a new one you've not seen yet.
M - Well, it's just that Guy A is...
me- it's just like a gawd damn Netflix subscription

Yeah, sometimes I surprise myself