23 December 2009

I'm sooo Excited

One Week from today (that's in "ish" time) GingerMandy and Just A Girl will be coming to DC.  Holy Schnikes!!! Yeah, I'm excited *does a little dance* (OW my phucking back).  The only problem is what to do when if I actually get to see them.  I grew up in Maryland, so I know all kinds of stuff to do here; however, they (GingerMandy and JAG) will be concentrating their time in the DC Metropolitan area.  So, here are a few ideas that I've come up with to show them what life in Maryland is like:

1. Take them to CharmCity Cakes (Outside, no one is allowed in)
2. Get Mugged in the Inner Harbour (might be a problem since I'm all kinds of manly and shit)
3. Have some crabs and Nattie Boh (crabs are out of season so this one is not likely, plus I'm allergic...like whoah)
4. Go to 5 Guys (not really Marylandish, but damnit if I don't love me some 5 Guys)
...I kinda ran out of ideas so I consulted google, here are the results:

go ahead, click it...see what my keywords were for this search

Anyone have any ideas?  I would appreciate the input.  I know GingerMandy will probably read this, but JAG...not so much.  So yes I'm asking for help.


  1. I love the first suggestion of making them do community service.

    They'll love that shit.

  2. Ahem.

    Aren't there like monuments and shit?

    Like, patriotic shit?

    Dude. Museums. Seriously? You can't think of ANYTHING?

  3. 5 GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! all i wanna do is eat and be a fatty panda.

    and yea travis, there is like, patriotic shit. ya know, eating cheeseburgers at 5 guys and having brunch with bottomless mimosas and shit... america the friggin' brave, dawg!

    i believe we're having some blogger brunch thing on the 2nd, i don't know the details, i just go where i'm told, but i'll let you know once i talk to everyone so you can join us. :D

  4. Alcohol...is there no alcohol? And someone HAS to have a camera...digital...video...any old kind will do as long as its postable material. Geez...you can make a party just about anywhere! I hear ppl party in their pants all the freakin' time...

  5. Moooooog35 - I actual thought about taking them to a soup kitchen...for half a second

    Travis - Yeah, we've got monuments and shit...actually we've got more shit than monuments.

    GingerMandy - Hells to the motha fuckin' YEAH.

    Daffy - Personally, I know this might shock some, I'm not a drinker...I have an allergic reaction every time I drink.

  6. You could always take them to historic downtown Annapolis.

  7. Stopping over from Ginger Mandy's. Good luck in keeping them out of jail! You know if they were to get arrested it would make for really good blog material, right? Just sayin...