22 December 2009

Post-it Note Tuesday - Thoughts in mai Head

I'm such a Meme Whore (is that even a phrase?)

 because that shit hurts like whoah

mmmm cheese...*drools*

like you didn't know already?

Note to Self: Find Trolls

Snow, we're going to have a little talk later...

I'm referring to this Snow:

NOT this Snow

He's just a douche...

Yeah, I may be lazy, and this might not be funny, but it's my first time, so be gentle.  Pleez?


  1. My friend has awful trolls on her blog ...
    I agree I go the first but not the 2nd (well the FO is doable)!

    Send your snow here we have 40 ° celcius days here at the moment !Let it snow , let it snow ...I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Hm...meme whore is a first, but hey, whatever works. I likey your post-its. Hope you get more cheese and less snow! :0)

    (visiting from Supahs)

  3. I mean I got the first ...I must use it with my teens st fu ! he hee he just wouldn't get it ever !

  4. I just realised I wrote teens (I have one but he has an 'attachment' so technically they are two)

  5. Oh..dude.

    NEVER make the snow angry.

    You've doomed us all.

  6. I LOVE MEme WHORE...

    I love how it just rolls of the tongue
    MEme Whore..
    Meme Whore..
    MeMe whore
    supah whore

    WAit a second...

    WELCOME.. u did a good job.
    you said fuck..
    i like you


  7. I also can't get enough cheese in my life. But I would like some snow. Either the cold kind or the singer of Informer, which is now in my head.

    Loves the site!

  8. Listen,

    I love cheese.

    You and I are gonna be great friends.

  9. Guess What?1? OMG I totally love cheese too!

    Aaaannnnd...that ends the blonde SoCal impression.

    Really dude...cheese is the best. Especially the smelly kind for when you want good revenge...

    I'll take some of your snow and you must tell me more about this crack addiciton (I read the post under this one) I may like me sommmadat too...

  10. I'll take the snow! I love it! Cheese is good too.

  11. gingers weeeeee!! (although i'm the best one)

    we all need more cheese in our life, and thanks for pissing off the snow before frickineh and i come out there. we're fucked.

  12. Trish: For your Edification:
    STFU - Shut the F*ck up
    GTFO - Get the F*ck Out

    Midday Escapades: Thanks for stopping by, I could always use more cheese and a lot less snow

    Moooooog35: Snow made me angry first...because I'm apparently 4 years old. I'm armed with a heating iron. Snow can still GTH (Go to Hell)

    SupahMommy: Thank you soo much for making this Meme (otherwise I would have had nothing to write, and my faithful stalkers (err...I mean readers) would have gone a day without a post from me. They should totally thank you for this post :)

    carissajaded: I'm glad you enjoy the site, I'm not sure if I should be sorry for putting "Informer" in your head or not. Ah, the 90's how I don't miss my social awkwardness...oh wait...FML!

    Travis: Yes, you and I are going to be great friends! Oh BTW, I checked out the vid...LOL!!

    Daffy: Woot Yet another cheese lover! I'll save my crack addiction for another post, but it's oh sooo good.

    Amber: Take the snow, please!

    ClevelandPoet: I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

    GingerMandy: Hey now, there not calling for any snow when you two come to town, so be thankful ok, otherwise you might not be able to leave.

  13. stop calling me a stalker damn it