21 December 2009

The Snowjob of 2009

  Holy Hell!  This weekend I spent the majority of the time inside my house trying to stay warm.  All the while, snow fell outside.  Thankfully, I hit up the local seven eleven prior to the snow beginning Friday evening, otherwise I would have been going through serious withdrawal symptoms (Yes, I have a problem.  No, I don't need help).  I am referring to my lovely caffeine addiction (Lo Carb Monster FTMFW!). 

This shit is my crack...

 I managed to stock up for the entire weekend. I curled up with my Netflix DVDs (Season 1 of House) and settled in for the weekend.  It would have been fine, except I had to visit my "Rents" to borrow a shovel on Sunday.  Normally this wouldn't be an issuel; however, my car was completely buried in snow.  The only tool I could use to dig myself out was my "Entrenching Tool". 

 You can't really do much with this POS

This didn't go over very well, but I did manage to get my truck out of the snow (I have a car and a truck).  So off to the "Rents" house I go.  Everything was going fine until I decided to help my Dad dig out the drive way at their house.  That's when it happend, my body decides (against my wishes mind you) that instead of remaining upright it would like to be on the ground and send pulses of pain to my brain.  Normally this isn't an issue, but when my lower back is screaming at me, I have a tendancy to listen.

   So, in short I managed to wrench my back this weekend.  Fuck you Snow!  I did manage to get some shoveling done, which itself is a miracle, but pretty much everything makes my back hurt. I feel like a little kid right now, I'd ask someone to kiss my "boo-boo" and make it better, but the close proximity to my ass just makes it kind of gross.

In summation, FUCK YOU SNOW!



  1. I second the summation.

    Fuck you, snow.

    That's real.

  2. personally, I'd love snow, but I'm stationed in SoCal and holiday in Florida with family...

    snow: not likely.

    Humidity that gives my hair tantrums and rivals Don King's stellar 'do: guaranteed.