24 December 2009

TMI Thursday: The V-card Vlog

OK, you all know the rules by now if not allow me to copy-paste them from Lilu's blog:
***Alright, folks, you know the rules. Join us all in humiliating the crap out of yourself every Thursday by sharing some completely tasteless, wholly unclassy, “how many readers can I estrange THIS week??” TMI story about your life. Or hell, about someone else’s!

TMI Thursday

So, since this is about me losing my V-card, and because I'm cool and shit (no not really) I decided I'd be clever and do a V-Card Vlog.  Yeah, I'm probably never going to do this again (read: I'm Totally going to do this again).  Sit back, relax and watch as I'm talking on the phone and trying to tell you (the viewer) my V-card story:

Also, have a Merry Christmas.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your vlog!

    "There's nothing hotter than gettin' it on in the throes of high school theatre," says a former drama nerd with a wink.

    Happy TMI Thursday, oh, and uh, Merry Christmas.

  2. Love the vlog; you have a great smile. Oh and I'm kind of sort of slightly maybe a little but not too much jealous that I haven't received a random unexpected out of the blue phone call lately. none love.

  3. Hmmm.... I still can't decide if I want to do a vlog....after watching this....I'm still not sure. Maybe you should do another one. Can you sing? Do you own a dress? *shrug* Seemed like it might be kinda funny....justsayn