14 December 2009

The Tremendous Fail that is my dating life...

Allow me to regale you with a story of my date Friday.  It is a tale of Epic Fail in the ways of dating dos and don'ts.

I had been speaking with a lady, over the internet, whom I met through a previously mentioned dating site.  We had previously planned to go out Friday night to finally meet in real life.  Let me state for the record, I was interested; however, this is no longer the case. We had planned to meet at TGI Fridays for drinks and conversation.  Little did I know at the time, that TGI Fridays is the place to be on a Friday night at 11 o'clock, WTF?  Initially we were scheduled to meet at around 9 o'clock, but this was pushed back because she wouldn't be flying in until later in the evening.  I guess I forgot to mention she is a flight attendant.

During the week she and I had exchanged text messages as well as phone calls.  All the while, I was enamoured with her humor as well as her sweet personality.  She even tried to cheer me up when I was feeling blue.  To say the least, I was going to give it my best shot hopefully to strike up a new relationship, but that wasn't in the cards.

We finally meet at TGI Fridays at 11, she's already gotten a table for us (or at least requested a table, since TGI Fridays was hopping).  We are seated and that's when the convo starts.  Initially, it's lighthearted and friendly, but doesn't stay that way for long as she asks why I no longer keep in touch with my ex girlfriends (I consider this out of bounds, especially for a first date).  Things only get worse from their, she spends more time flirting with the waiter, as I struggle to keep the conversation going.  Feigning interest about her job, her life, and the reason she quit smoking.  Four beer and two diet cokes later, the evening comes to an end, I go outside for a smoke, while she visits the ladies room.  She comes outside, says "Well, it was nice to meet you." and goes about her way.

Ok here's a break down of the do's and don'ts according to me:
Be interested in the conversation
ask questions that keep the conversation going

ask about a persons relationship history
gripe about how bad the service is when the restaurant is busy
flirt with the server more than your date (this is just bad...)

So yeah, that's how my date Friday went.  It might have hurt me that I didn't pick up the tab, as I was reaching for my wallet when the check came, she was faster to the draw than I was.  At that point I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

I really should stop dating,



  1. You could masturbate.

    But seriously, where's the fun it that?


    It's masturbation. It IS fun.

    That's two times mentioning masturbation in a comment, FTW!

    Three times.

  2. I would totally date you.