07 December 2009

WTF is with the blog title?

Ok, since this is my first week back into that which is the blogosphere, I'll take a moment and explain (and by moment I mean I'm gonna fill up a few pages of your RSS feed with this shit)  Everyone by now should be familiar with the term WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get).  Now usually this applies to design applications, html builders,  etc, unfortunately it doesn't apply to people.  Yes, we're all very complex creatures full of poo, tissue, muscle, fat, gas, pee, etc (I could go on for days).  What is at the heart of the matter is our minds, our pasts, our emotional baggage, those things you cannot readily see on a person.  That's why I've titled my blog this way, you will understand more and more as I post, which hopefully, with the pressing of my readers, I will continue to do.



  1. I am looking forward to hearing about your poo.



  2. Travis...just wait for Thursday. I've got a great TMI post :)

  3. once you're in the blogging cult, there's no backing out. hope you're ready! :D

  4. wait, it's a cult? Where's my robe and wizard hat? When do we pass out the Kool-aid, cause I'm thirsty :)

  5. That was you with the robe and wizard hat???

    I feel dirty now...

  6. Hey Steve, I wouldn't use that towel if I were you...just saying, you don't know where it's been