11 December 2009

Yes I was in a band...

OK, so I'm totally cheating today, and posting a video. Only, since the topic I was going to cover today is taking too long for me to flesh out. Anywhoozles, I was once in a band named "The Gryphons" we played out a few times, had a really really really really tiny following, and just recently broke up (our lead singer moved to Arizona). So this is a small glimpse into my past Rawker dayz. I hope you enjoy.

The First video is one of the songs we wrote entirely together as a band, well our bassist came up with the riff and we moved on from there. This is the only recording of the song that we have, which is really sad. I think the song is awesome. (See if you can guess which one is me :)


If Rock isn't your style and you prefer the warmth of an acoustic guitar, then may I suggest this:

Before I joined a band I used to play out at Open Mics, and even had some mild success when I was in Cali (Mild being that I had a recurring gig every week). This is one of my original songs.


  1. Dude. The mood lighting in the acoustic is SICK.

    You got a lay ya down by the fire mentality going on there.

    I'm not gonna let my wife see this.

  2. ahh... my FAVORITE song! Piper and I have been dancing around this morning to it. Thasnks for starting my morning off great!

  3. Travis- Thanks :) I appreciate your honesty, keeping your wife away from this vid, probably a good idea.

    Kaydee- I know it's your favorite song :)