01 January 2010

2009 in Review

I don't really know when it was decided that my first post of the new year should be about last year, but I guess it will work.  Anyway, 2009 was not so great a year for Griffin.  Many bridges were burned, and I had two relatives pass away.  Let me see if I can note a few good things to happen in 2009:

1. I didn't die
2. I managed to reconnect with a long lost friend
3. I still have a job
4. I started blogging once again (Thanks Kaydee for pushing...so very very very hard)
5. I actually managed to help make someones wish come true (well, sort of..)

That might not be as comprehensive a list as you were wishing for, but other than that not very much happend during the year.  I am leaving out moving out of my parents house, since that just makes me look more like a loser (oh wait, like I really need help in that department).

So here's to 2010!

and 2009...Fuck off.

Stay safe everyone.  And if you're nursing a hella hangover...might I suggest some Pedialyte.  That shit works wonders!  Seriously, I am totally not kidding.  Replacing your electrolytes will cure a hangover faster than you can say "Waffle House"


  1. I'm so happy you're blogging again; it makes me smile!! I'm looking forward to a great 2010, I'm certain yours will be fantastic, too. Happy New Year, Griff!

  2. I put not dying on my list of accomplishments too. 2010 is going to rock. I can feel it in my loins.

  3. pedialyte, huh? i'll keep that in mind so i can keep to my resolution of "not feeling like i'm dying". also, so i can have energy to make it out to dc for lots more fun times. :)