04 January 2010

The Awesome that has been 2010

So far 2010 has not disappointed.  On the 1st I met Ginger Mady as well as Just A Girl.  We visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. We managed to check out the Nazi Propoganda exhibit which was very interesting.  The entire museum was very moving, especially the pictures of the medical experiments that the Nazis performed.  I must have a morbid curiousity.  Afterwards, the three of us headed to Hooters for some much needed food.  During the time, the topic of conversation was mostly about Just A Girl's Vagoo.  After eating at Hooters, we went to CVS (actually two seperate CVS) to find some face masks and nail polish, because the girls were gonna be all girly and do their nails and faces.  Afterwards, I finally headed home.

On the 2nd, things got even better.  I managed yet again to meet up with Ginger Mandy and Just A Girl, who were out and about with two more of my favorite bloggers, Lilu and I hate so much.  We went for burgers at Five Guys.  I tried the Cajun Fries for the first time, not my favorite, but still pretty awesome.  The topic of conversation tended to very from time to time, mostly we (and by we, I mean, I just listened while everyone else talked, because I'm such a fuckin' wallflower) talked about sex, penises, and boobs (well, that's all I really remember...I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting, quite possibly on purpose).  Afterwards, the ladies decided to go out dancing, unfortunately for me I was underdressed, and had to go home.  I know the ladies had a great time, or so they've said.

In summation, 2010, you've rocked so far.  Let's keep up the good work!

*Edit: Here are some inappropriate things that happend*

I made an anal sex joke while we were at the Holocause Memorial Museum (this was in regards to someone following Ginger Mandy way too closely down the stairwell)

Just a Girl had "issues" while we were trying to find a place to eat.  Thank god she saved that paper from the airport (I'm not going into detail about this one)

I may or may not have needed to pee sooo bad that I actually pissed in public while waiting for Ginger Mandy and Just a Girl to finish buying stuff at CVS.  There are no witnesses to confirm this!


  1. I know we had a good time.

    But only because our bartender twittered at me and told me so and I read it the next day.


  2. i reaaaaaaally wish i was less drunk when we ate 5 guys so i could still be remembering its true beauty.

    and yea, i can never take you and JAG in public again, especially to a memorial museum. between your anal sex jokes and her jersey shore references, i don't know what i'm going to do with you two hoodlums.

    i KNEW you were gonna piss in public. peer pressure rocks!

  3. you missed out on pretty much the best night ever, but I'm glad you could be there for at least part of it. Especially since it was my very first five guys experience-- I need witnesses for the glory that it was.

  4. Pissing in public is a grand thing... sometimes even better when there are witnessess...

    and you're pissing ON that witness