27 January 2010

It is still Relationship Week: Where I talk about my first "girlfriend"

Let me tell you a story, of a 13 year old Nick (yes, that's me).  Now, our little boy was barely budding with hormones, developing an interest in girls (this isn't exactly true).  One fine day, a lovely girl named "Jessica" asked our young hero to be her "boyfriend".  (Little did our hero know that she had just recently been dumped by her long time boyfriend).  Nick jumped at the opportunity, since he had not known any girls to have an interest in him.  So, filled with the heady feeling of being wanted, our hero set forth to be a good boyfriend.  He sat next to her at lunch.  They talked, held hands, and were generally cute together.

The first day was magnificent. Our young hero filled with overwhelming emotions, mostly happiness.  That evening, a terrible feeling filled his stomach, a pit of despair. He told his confidant (his mother) "I think she's going to dump me tomorrow" (little did he know).  The following day, in order to impress his girlfriend, he dressed impeccably (much like a peacock) a pressed shirt and dark slacks.  The day passed, but Jessica was no where to be found, though many had stated seeing her during the day.  In the second to last period (Home Economics) a mutual friend "Sheree" told Nick that Jessica no longer wished to be his girlfriend, to this he had no response, but to let emotion flow.  He cried, big wet tears, in front of his classmates, not caring who saw.

I have told you this story, so you will have perspective on this story.

Our hero, once again finds himself pining for a young girl, who asks him to be her girlfriend.  Without hesitation or forethought, he said "Yes".  Again, he was filled with the heady feeling of being wanted.  However, our friend was told during his lunch period that the girls intentions were not pure.  If history has been kind to memory. I believe the exact phrase was this:

"Nick, [name redacted] is going to dump you in 6th period, just so she can watch you cry"

Needless to say, our hero was deeply hurt, and angry that someone would take advantage of his emotions like this.  Our hero, decided to end it right then.

The unfortunate side-effect of this event was our hero has an extremely difficult time trusting women, which might be the reason for his relationship failings.


  1. That's a deep running thing there, kid.

    I love the "emo" tag.

    Where the hell have you been on my blog?

  2. I heard she's a whore. I wouldn't worry about it. ;-)