11 January 2010

My 30th

One of my good buddies hit the big 30 this weekend, years old, not sexual partners (though I cannot confirm that), and it got me thinking, since I'm turning 30 this year, what would I like for my birthday.  After spending a few minutes thinking about strippers (sooo not out of the ordinary for me).  I decided to write down a few things I'd like, in the event that I actually make it to my birthday.

1.  I want this

photo courtesy of Tesla Motors


Yes, that is a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider

in my driveway with a title in my name, and all the insurance paid for.

2.  Two words - Laser Tag! (Yeah, I know I'm turning 30, but damnit I want to actually have fun)

3.  No wine, beer, or liquor.  (If you can't handle hanging around me when you're sober...then I've got 4 letters for you...GTFO)

4.  THERE WILL BE STRIPPERS (ok, maybe not, but if someone could convince Eve to come, that'd be totally awesome)

5.  Fogo De Chao - Do I really need a reason?

6. The event will take place on Friday OR Saturday (Most likely Saturday)

7.  My Party, My Rules, if you don't like it, I might just punch you in the face.

That's all I've managed to come up with so far, but it's still a few months off.  Does anyone else have any ideas?  I'd love to hear them.

P.S. Oh yeah, Sorry guys about Friday.  I was having issues with being creative.


  1. you forgot "the charming presence of gingermandy and frickineh."


  2. I didn't think you two would want to come out for my birthday...

  3. I'm coming for the laser tag.

    Oh... was I supposed to 'wait' for an invite?

  4. The Ginger can join, as can Meghan and Kaydee. I'll allow it.