08 January 2010

My writing process. (incoherent)

*Insert witty opening line here*

Write words and stuff, preferably something hilllarious.  Reference some 80's or 90's show to connect with your audience (well, at least the audience you have).  Self-Deprication (It's not a sin, just fucking do it).  Delete your entire post.  Start over from scratch. 

Write something Emo.  Reference some emo song (preferrably My Chemical Romance), to connect with a "different" audience.  Delete your entire post again.

Ask for help on Twitter.  Wait for a response (wait half an hour).  Catch up on your google reader.  Go smoke.  Think about what to post, realize you've already written about "that", think about something else.  Wait for the "work-wife" to come in.

Think about the weekend.  Think about telling everyone you have "writer's block".  Realize after saying this you are not a "writer", so you can't have a "block".

Check for Responses on Twitter (none found).  Decide to write your thought process.  Fail to write in complete coherent sentences (Win?)


  1. I approve, but wtf is a wurkwyfe? -FR23

  2. A work wife is just like a normal wife...actually not at all. Someone whom you spend a great deal of time with while at work. In my case a good friend, who I smoke with on a regular basis.