26 January 2010

Post It Note Tuesday: More Relationship Stuff

Hooray for Post-it Note Tuesday

Mostly these are about first dates:









  1. For real it is a battlefield and you have played it well by learning the rules. Might I asd one more?

    If you are going to call your penis an "Anaconda", but sure it lives up to the name.

  2. Thank God I don't have to date anymore!! This was a nice reminder to be thankful for that. ;)

    But best of luck to YOU!

  3. Did you just say love is a battlefield?



    I'm just sayin.

  4. Hmmm....I am seeing a trend....maybe you should better equip yourself before heading out into the battle field....

    Ask your friends to set you up with a girl to whom you can compliment her boobs...anticipate sex on the first date...I mean, if its a battle field it would be nice to get some before you go BOOM...justathought

  5. LOL!!!
    Glad your all caught up on the rules.. but you never know u may find a girl that doesnt like rules! HAha!!

    Best of luck... glad Im not dating anymore!!!

  6. Your not supposed to have sex on the first date or talk about your personal problems? Geez... now I now where I've gone wrong all these years...And I totally like compliments on my boobs...

  7. YOU are sooooo funny and I am totally a new follower now. This made me laugh especially if you read my post if note about BOOBS this week tee hee. Nice to meet you new bloggy friend!