06 January 2010

Resolution #1 Get more Subscribers...Check!

  So, earlier yesterday I tweeted how I wanted more subscribers to my blog.  Then, thanks to Supah and whatagrandworld, it seems I have met my 10+ subs to my blog.  Thank you!  Now if only I could get ya'll to stick around.  I'm sure there is something funny/humiliating that I could write about today, but since it's not Thursday, I guess you'll just have to deal with this post.

There are a few things that I've learned, since I got back into blogging:
1.  More than 1 post per day = bad idea
2.  Twitter is a great resource for reaching out to new readers
3.  Do not let your mother read your blog...EVER (she wishes that I wouldn't be so open with her sometimes)
4.  People don't like to read and comment on long posts.
5.  Meeting fellow bloggers is not as scary as you might think.
6.  Allow your loyal followers to deal with Trolls.
7.  Anon is not your friend, but not your enemy.
8.  The more blogs you read, the more ideas you get.
9.  Be sure to thank your readers often, but don't go overboard.

OK, I'm out of ideas right now, probably because it's early, and I'm still not quite awake yet, but I'll post this anyway.  Once again, thank you to all of my readers, those who subscribe, and those who just come back everyday, you are truly awesome!


  1. I have followed you since that one day when that dumbass shithead left that comment on your TMI post, and I don't plan on ever leaving.


    You've got me weighing down your blog now.

    I just want a comfort hug...

  2. Short. Sweet. and to the point. PERFECTION

    Seems like you've got those tips confirmed and your shiz is gonna blow up.

    With Travis in your corner you're good. Eh...you gotta be good with it cause no one else will fit...

  3. i'll never leave you, don't you worry.

  4. met and exceeded... well done! It's because you're totally awesome!

    I'm not going anywhere... web wise... or something... damn I hate when it makes sense in my head but comes out all window licker.