20 January 2010


Here's my trouble as of late, finding topics to blog about. (As well as writing complete coherent sentences seems to be another issue entirely.)  So, I would like to ask you, my lovely readers, to leave me some suggestions on possible future topics.

Today, I was hopefully going to post Part II of "What I learned at the Strip Club", but Eve hasn't gotten back to me yet (I mean, she has yet to submit something for me to post).  She has read the blog, but I can understand that it's a bit hectic with her schedule.

Is this writers block, or just a lack of creativity on my part?  Anyway, I hope everyone has a happy Hump day, and I'll catch you all soon.

I might come up with a new meme, but it would only work if others did it as well, I was thinking about starting a possible "Stuff I want Wednesday" (that could possibly work)


  1. You know I'd totally participate in your meme.

    Just write. You don't have to publish everything, but the more you write the easier it will come. It's totally okay to miss a few posts. Hell, I missed 6 months and still came back to a strong reader base. Your followers will be here impatiently waiting...

  2. ....tap tap tap tap....swivel....tap tap tap...swivel...tap tap...swivel swivel...

    That's me tapping my fingers on the desk and spinning in my chair, impatiently waiting for the next post.

    As for topics? How about bumper stickers?

  3. i'd totally take part in it.

    and have you seen my blog? clearly i'm having the same issue. nooooo motivation.

    it happens. no need to ever apologize for not posting. it's your blog, do what you want.

  4. Yeah man.

    If I didn't have stupid shit happen to me on a regular basis, I wouldn't even have a blog.

    That's real.

    Also, how the FUCK are you following Dramatic Sigh? I tried to yesterday, and it said hell to the no.