08 February 2010

There was a football game last night?

This totally escaped me, no really, I did watch the game (or I watched the commercials and then would get whatever I needed to get done while the game was on).  I spent a majority of the evening tweeting back and forth with Travis, Mandy, Luis, JAG, Jeney and of course Kaydee.

I have to say the commercials were pretty disappointing.  Though I really enjoyed Career builders "Casual Friday" commercial, as well as the Dockers give-away.  The Doritos Ninja was a little disconcerting in my opinion.  Defeatthedebt.com won my personal award for improper use of Children (I'm sure many of you saw this commercial).  My reasons are, the bastardization of the Pledge of Allegiance...Do NOT Fuck with the Pledge...as well as the children having no idea what they are talking about, who really understands the national debt at the age of 8-10?  Really? Unless you're a genius/savant/prodigy/Ender/Bean/Battle School Grad.(End Rant)

Prior to the game last night Sean and I spent the majority of the day shoveling out of Snowpocalypse 2.  This was a local trending topic on twitter (and had been for the majority of the weekend).  Thankfully it only took us 4 hours to dig out my car/my sidewalk/my court, now my back is sore, and I get to do it all over again tomorrow.  They are anticipating another 5-12 inches of snow in the forecast. 

Oh, and also, in case I have not made it abundantly clear in the past.  I FUCKING HATE SNOW!


  1. the careerbuilder was my favorite too.

    as well as ranting about uneducated, unappreciative, overpaid athletes :) i can never rant enough about that.

  2. I have none cable TV and I have none clue how to pick up channels that are free. Sadly, this means I did not see the game. However, it is commercial time on the interwebz today!

    Happy 50th post!

  3. So...what you're saying is...you really dig the snow.

    I'll try really hard NOT to be proud of that terrible pun...