04 January 2011

The How...

  In response to Mandy's comment yesterday, allow me to expand on how I lost my weight.  First, it started in May of 2010 while attending a friend's wedding.  I realized that I was getting big, so I made a choice to get serious about getting into shape.   I had previously spent a good deal of time trying to lose weight by doing strictly cardio, that was my error, though not entirely.  I had eventually planned to getting into lifting once my heart was able to cope with the stress of lifting.

  After coming to the conclusion that I needed to head back to the gym I did my research.  I was searching for a good lifting regimen, lucky for me the interwebz is full of them.  After picking my workout, I started getting serious, though starting slowly.  At first, ten minutes of cardio followed by lifting.  After a few weeks of this I'd start to up the cardio.  Now I'm up to 45 minutes of cardio followed by lifting.  I only lift 4 times per week, which may seem odd, but it works for my schedule.

   I'd recommend for those just starting out, get yourself a steno notebook, something small that you can carry on you at the gym, to write down your workouts.  After 7 months, I still carry mine with me at the gym, writing down how many calories I burn, what my weight is once I start my workout and my weight after.  I also write down my workout, how much I lift, number of sets, and put a hash mark for each set I complete.  It keeps me motivated and on track to my goals.
  Hopefully I'll be able to post an spreadsheet for those who are curious of my weight change over the last few months (I lost my first notebook, when someone broke into my truck).

Basically it breaks down to this:
Stay motivated,
Hold yourself accountable
Be patient, permanent weight loss takes time.


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