06 January 2011

Phucking Physics

So as many of you don't know, I re-enrolled in college after being laid-off.  I kept my schedule to a minimum of 12 credit hours, so I could ease my way back into school.   Little did I know I was signing up for one of my toughest courses ever.  Physics 121 (Calculus based Physics), it's been over a decade since I took calculus, but I thought it wouldn't be too difficult, since this was an "introductory" course.  Oh was I ever wrong.  After deriving Newton's Second Law, things just went down hill from there.  The sad thing is I learned a great deal in this course.
  Now when I'm driving, I think about physics equations: drag, kinetic vs. static friction, inclined plane problems. I'm starting to go a little nuts.  Anyway, after taking the final in December, I finally received my grade, but before I tell you, allow me to show you my grades from the course:
HW: 97%
Test 1 - 35 (points, not percent) out of 150
Test 2 - 29 (points, not percent) out of 150
Test 3 - 56 (points, not percent) out of 150
Final - 155 (points) out of 300
Quiz avg (80%)

As you can tell, this was not exactly my best class.  I spent on average 10 hours per week studying for this class, either doing homework (usually about 4-6 hours) or in study group (2 hours Monday and Friday).  Our professor informed us that he always has a curve, imagine how surprised I was to learn that I passed the class with a "C".  I was elated!

Anyway, with that "C" plus two high "A"s for Applied Calculus and Psychology, I managed to make it through my first semester back in college with a solid 3.33 GPA.  Now if I can just make it through the next 5 semesters, I'll be finished with my BS in IS, hopefully on track to getting my Master's in Cyber Security.


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