03 January 2011

Uh...I'd say happy New Year, but it would fall upon deaf ears...

Well, yeah Hi to those of you who still venture back here week to week, hoping that I've posted some new stuff.   It's your lucky day.  For those who have been wondering what exactly I've been up to here's a quick run down of things that have happened since the last blog post:
Things I've lost:
My sanity
My Job
30 pounds

Things I've accomplished:
Completed my first semester back in School
Built a closer relationship with my parents
Forgiven people who have betrayed me.

It was a tumultuous year, but I managed to make it through, I doubt I could have made it without my family, and those who have been checking up on me (yes, I mean you Kaydee).

So for your viewing pleasure I'm including a few pictures so you can see for yourself how much I lost this year.

This was me in April, notice the pronounced gut and chins

 December 2010 (actually this was taken last week after I managed to drop 30 lbs)

Update.... I just took this pic...



  1. nice! teach me your ways, oh slim one.

  2. Mandy, It took a notebook, plus determination and patience...lots of patience.

  3. The vest and wide collar....borderline Frank.