03 February 2011

Back in the Blogosphere

While that's not quite correct.  My schedule this semester is far more intense than last.  Taking a full load (TWSS) of classes, which leaves me little time to write.  Once again, that's not quite accurate, since I will be writing considerably more this semester than last.  Both my Management courses require considerable writing, which will likely cause me to despise writing, or perhaps it may once again get my creative juices flowing.  The only bonus of this semester is having free Fridays to catch up on reading/writing.

Hopefully I'll update on my Free Fridays, but I make no promises; though I would love to know who still reads this.


1 comment:

  1. I will take free Friday updates over none updates any day. (and you already knew I still keep up with this blog)

    You'll do great this semester!