30 April 2011

Getting Older...

This should be nothing new to any of you.  My thirty-first birthday has passed, and as usual nothing of consequence happened.  That's now why I'm writing today.  I was cruising the web and being older had a twinge of nostalgia.  I decided to look up the website of the store of my first job.  After a few minutes, I managed to find the website. Maybe I've spent too much time on the internet, perhaps I've been spending too much time writing code, or perhaps I just want websites to be awesome.  I think this design is horrible, and I'd like to recommend an update to the owner; however, I'd need to design a website (something I've not done in a few years),  I have access to tons of awesome design software.  I'm thinking of creating a website for them (off line), then writing a proposal to create a social media presence (meaning a twitter account, which will tweet when the bagels are fresh, thus drawing in more customers).  Perhaps I'm reaching too far, but personally I think this page is in need of an update.


Bagels and ...

Seriously Let me know your thoughts.

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