About Me

For starters, my name as far as you're concerned is Griffin. For all intents and purposes I'll be using my pseudonym for this blog. Here's just a little about the real me, which isn't as cleverly disguised as you are led to believe.

I'm 33
I am a gamer
I tweet like it is going out of style (which it might soon)
I love social media and read Mashable religiously
I'm a college graduate
I'm underemployed YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With that being said, I am not new to "blogging". A few years ago, I shared an account with several colleagues of mine as we ventured into the unknown for a second time. If you're interested in this History I'll add a link at the bottom. My other forays into blogging have included a three year stint with LiveJournal, but I deleted that account after losing interest.

What do I write about? Mostly I write about my life, specifically my lack of a life. As you can see from the brief list above, none of them require actual social interaction. Yes, I am a bit of a hermit.